Evaluate Conceptual Design through Home Visit

Our client, HP desktop team designed a series of conceptual prototype for the market in developing countries. Before put them into production, the product team wanted to evaluate those conceptual design with the target users in those markets. China was one of the markets. JZUX was asked to help recruit 40 families in 7 cities across mainland China.
To make the team focus on their duty, JZUX also helped handle all logistics issues, such as transportation, accommodation and so on.

It’s very challenging to arrange the in-home visits since the research team only did the visits during the day time of workday. Also, it required that all key members to make purchasing decision must showed up in the interview. JZUX recruitment team successfully complete their mission. All sessions took place as schedule.

During the study, a lot of unexpected issues were found and valuable feedback was sent to the product team on time. The product team could improve accordingly. One of the prototype became the best seller of the year.