Our US client, Consumer-Connections helped their client to evaluate the value proposition of some marketing concepts. It’s a international project and China was part of the focus. During this project, SHJZ was asked to provide a whole package of focus group service, including participant recruitment, venue rental, logistics handling, session moderation, simultaneous translation and live broadcasting of the sessions.

The challenge of the recruitment was huge. It was only three weeks from the point when we got the request to the point when we conducted the study, while there were a 7 days’ national break during the period. To meet the schedule, Rita and her recruitment team stayed in hotel rooms for 2 weeks and made phone call till 10 pm. each day. Finally, she recruited 28 qualified participant right before the study and all participants showed up on time during the study. Our client, the president of Consumer-Connections, Barbara was so impressed by her work.

A lot of valuable information was found through the study and feedback and suggestion was sent back to the stakeholders. They got time to redesign the concept and make it more attractive to the target user.